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Serving Central Texas since 1988



“We are very pleased with our window films. Definite difference felt in the amount of heat reflected to the outside of the house since installed.”
J.R. – Austin

“Done promptly. Cleaned up totally and completely explained how to clean and care for film. Love the warranty!”
P.A. – Cedar Park

“Since installing DR 25 Solar film our living room is noticeably cooler.Installer did a great job and cleaned up after himself. Excellent job!”
Mrs. Johnson – Horeshoe bay

“Solar Control did a very good job on my windows. Pleasant people to work with.”
J. Raul – Austin, TX

“We were not sure which company to go with, Billy with Solar Control really went over all the benefits of film in general. They really understand window film and glass in general.”
Mr. and Mrs. Beck – Spicewood, TX

“After looking at several products and companies we felt Solar Control Specialists was our best choice. We decided on Ultravision 40, Glad we went with them.”
Fred J. – Suncity, TX
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